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Grandma Lizzie

Margaret Elizabeth Murray Anderson  
Feb 10, 1866 - Nov 13, 1949

grandma lizzie

Grandma Lizzie married October 29, 1884. She was 18 and her husband was 29. Granddaddy died when Daddy was 12 years old. He said he walked home from school and they meet him and told him his Daddy was dead. He was repairing a barn and it fell in on him. Daddy quit school to help on the farm. Grandma stayed there until all the children were grown and married. She rented it out for a while and finally sold it to the Turners. She then stayed a few months withthomas g anderson each family. What a sad life living out of a suitcase. She outlived her husband 53 years. We never knew a Granddaddy.

Mama was real patient with her. When she would watch mama do something she would say Lullah or Eola would do it this way. I know she would tell how Allie did it when she was staying with the others.

Grandma Lizzie would take all morning to churn butter and never get the butter to form because she was so slow. Mama would take over and she would be though in a little while. Grandma Lizzie wore her hair in a bun and it was always snow white. Like Grandma Mattie, she always wore black and white.

She would tell us stories. One she told was about this old man and his grandson name Benny.

"They lived up north and they were going to Florida. They packed enough food for the trip. They traveled for days and got to this place to stop and eat. That was the last of the food. Granddaddy turn to his grandson and said "that is all Benny that how Albany got its name."

GrandMa Matties Family

When Mama would tell us to do something and we didn't jump and do it right then she would say Chaw-Zack, Chaw Zebba.

"There was this couple and their names were Zack and Zebba. When their baby was small and they had no way to grind the food for the baby. They would chew it fine and then give it to the baby. If they were not fast enough, the baby would say Chaw-Zack, Chaw-Zebba, meaning we wanted Mama to do everything for us."

Another story she told us was that the Chinese people use to give their children long names.

"One day a little boy fell in a well. His friend ran to get help but by the time he got through saying the little boys name the boy had drown. So they started naming the children short names, like Chen, Li."


If you ask Grandma where something was at, she would say behind the T.