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The moral of this story (if any):

When you go to the store and buy a can or frozen pack of vegetable:

Think I didn’t have to plant the seed, pick the vegetable, and can them hoping it would seal and not spoil.

When you buy milk and butter:

Think I didn’t have to get up to go to the barn and milk the cow.  Then take the cow back to the pasture for the day.  Didn’t have to put milk in a pan to let the cream rise skim it off and churn it for the butter.

When you buy that little pack of meat:

Think I didn’t have to raise the pigs or cow, butcher it, cure it, pack it in salt and hope it wouldn’t spoil.

When you buy those eggs:

Think I didn’t have to raise the chicken, feed them every day, go to the hen house and gather the eggs maybe getting peck as you reach for eggs.

When you turn on the faucet and get hot water or go to the bathroom and take a shower:

Think I didn’t have to wash out of a basin, or go to the outside Johnny hoping the chickens not under to peck you.

When you wash your clothes:

Think I didn’t have to draw up three tubs of water plus wash pot full, heat the water in the wash pot, scrub the clothes and hang them outside for the day.

Yet people will say today. Those were the good old day??