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The Anderson's

We grew up on what we called the Ben Harris place.  This place is on what is now the Thrasher Road.  It is about 4.5 miles from Plains.  I do not know what year we moved there, but Eunice and Mattie Beth were born while on this place.  We lived there until about 1938 when Daddy bought the farm where he lived until he died.Mr & Mrs G D Anderson

When we were growing up we had chores to do.  Florine and Eunice would wash dishes one week and Eola Mae and Mattie Beth would clean the house.  The next week we would swap.  When we were not working, we would play games such as ball, horse shoe, marble, tin cans, stealing sticks and cards.  When you have six siblings, you always have somebody to play with. 

Another thing the girls would do was taking an old sears catalogue and cut out the people. Mother, Daddy and children, then take sticks out of a broom. We would make outlines for rooms and cutout sofas, chairs and beds. We would sit the family around in the house. Another thing to do was to make mud pies.

Tin Cans

Stack 3 cans in the center of a circle.  One person stays next to the cans.  The cans get knocked over, and all but the guard of the cans would hide while he stack the cans back.  When the guard could see someone they call their name, touch the cans and they were out of the game, but if someone could slip by him and kick the cans over, everyone could run and hide again.

Stealing sticks

Draw a line and put sticks in a circle behind the line on both sides. Both sides would guard the line. If somebody could slip by without being tag they could steal a stick back to their side. The game is over when all the sticks are in one circle.